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Maytag Repair Tips

The Maytag brand is known for reliability and longevity, but at some point every appliance will need servicing. These appliances come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty; if the appliance requires servicing after that point, it will be necessary for the owner to pay to repair it themselves. Depending on the appliance, the nature of the repair may be simple like the replacement of a filter or gasket; in others, the problems may be more extensive. Below are some tips for handling problems that Maytag appliance owners may encounter.

Look at the Manuals and Literature Section of The Website
This section of the website can provide the owner of an appliance with virtually any resource they may need to service that appliance; all they need is the model number.

Look at the Manual
In the manual, there will be a section on what to do if the appliance stops working. This section will help the owner to determine if fixing the appliance is within their abilities or if they need to call a professional. An owner may be able to service simple appliance problems on their own without having to call in a repair technician; for example:

Troubleshooting a Washer
Problem: The washer functions but does not drain water.
Possible solution: Check to see if there is clothing lodged in the drain line.

Problem: There is no water going into the washer.
Possible solution: Check the fuse in the lid-switch control panel.

Problem: Wet clothing after the spin cycle.
Possible solution: This could indicate a worn belt. The belt may need to be replaced.

Troubleshooting a Dryer
Problem: No heat.
Possible solution: Check the ducts before looking at the dryer itself. The dryer vent will need to be unclogged for the appliance to work properly; it should also be as short as possible.

Problem: The appliance does not work at all.
Possible solution: Look at the door switch.

Problem: The drum no longer turns.
Possible solution: This could be caused by a broken belt.

It is important to note that if the appliance is still under warranty, the owner may be voiding it by opening it for maintenance or to fix it themselves.

While some homeowners may be comfortable dealing with problems like those listed above, others may not be; a call to a appliance technician will be their best option. Complex problems with Maytag appliances should be fixed only by technicians who are familiar with modern high technology.

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