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LG Appliance Repair

The maker of many home appliances, LG is perhaps best known for its washer/dryer combos, typically stacking the two on top of another. Regardless of the configuration of the appliance, there may come a time when you need to repair the units using your warranty. For example, some maintenance includes ensuring the unit is stable on the laundry room floor in order to ensure the unit does not vibrate when starting a cycle. There are a number of other problems that can cause this issue, and a quick look at the parts can determine whether you need service or not.

If the stacked LG washer and dryer vibrate when starting up, look at the unit and ensure the leveling feet are installed correctly at the bottom of the component system. If these have never been installed, then you will need to address your manual for instructions. It is possible to loosen or tighten the feet as well for adjustments, making them longer or shorter as necessary.

If the unit is new, make sure all the materials that it was shipped in have been removed. Having a Styrofoam block or a rod under the unit can cause the entire setup to become unbalanced, causing vibration when starting the cycles and sometimes even affecting the other cycles later, depending. Once the materials are removed, then the unit should not vibrate.

It is also worth going through the operating instructions that come with the unit and warranty. These provide instructions on how to properly fill the unit to prevent overloading with too much laundry, which can have an impact on the stability of the unit. For instance, putting too many clothes in the wash can cause vibrations throughout the entire cycle, especially as soon as it starts since the balancing mechanism will struggle to adjust with the heavy drum. Just take a few items out if this happens and try it again to test it out.

Another option to verify if your LG unit requires repair or service is to see if the two components are stacked correctly. If one is not secure on the other, review the manual for more information and make the adjustments. If it can be rocked manually, then vibrations are very likely.

When all else fails, you will want to contact the manufacturer to have a technician to come by and assist with the installation and repair service.

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