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Choosing A Washing Machine Repair Company

It’s one of those appliances that many people don’t even think about… until it needs repairs. When a washing machine stops, the whole household stops, which is why it’s critical to get it fixed promptly and completely. But which repair companies are worth the money they charge? Here are a few things to consider when choosing a repair service.


The economy being what it is, the biggest concern for many households is price. How much is fixing that washer going to cost? Does the company charge for estimates and repairs? What about supplies; do they include hoses and replacement pumps in their fee or will they be added to the bill later? Are there any deals or discounts available for first-time customers?


Almost all repair services will come to the product rather than having the product come to them. That means, however, that an appointment needs to be made for the repairs, and getting everyone’s schedules aligned may be complicated. Is it worth shopping around for a different service?


How long will the repairs take? Can they make any promises? They won’t know for sure, of course, until they’ve actually looked at the washer and evaluated the problem, but many companies can offer a guess based on how the washer is behaving.

Customer Service

What do previous customers have to say about their business? If a company has nothing to hide, there should be all kinds of reviews and testimonials on their website. It’s also worth putting their name into a search engine and seeing if they have entries on Yelp or Insider Pages.


Repairmen are allowed access into private homes. Unfortunately, there’s no law that says felons can’t fix washing machines. Before committing to a company, make sure they have no criminal histories or strange reviews from previous customers. Make sure they’re a legitimate business with a website, phone number, et cetera.


What kind of guarantees do they make? If a washer continues to have problems even after they leave, will they charge extra for returning? What about a warranty? How long can they promise a fully-functioning machine?

These are just a few things people should consider before choosing a repair company for their washing machines. It’s impossible to control when they break, but it is possible to pick a good, reputable business to fix it.

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