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Appliance Repair Paterson

For many Paterson residents, the decision to repair or replace an appliance is a big one. Appliances never seem to break down at a convenient time, and most people don’t have a lot of experience with using an appliance repair service. This means that many Paterson residents make the mistake of believing everything that the sales team at the local appliance store tells them. This usually includes lines such as, “You’ll spend more to fix it than replace it.” and “You might as well get a new one, since who knows how long a repaired appliance will last.”

The truth is that using a Paterson appliance service is a good way to save a lot of money. With the cost of a new washing machine and dryer over $2000, it can make sense to just have these appliances repaired. In most cases, a repair costs between $50 to $100 plus the cost of parts (which are typically less than $100). Furthermore, a repair means that you don’t have to haul away an old appliance to the dump, scrape together cash or find financing for a new over or refrigerator, deal with sales people, shop for weeks and wait for sales while being without your appliance, then deal with set-up and delivery of the new appliance.

Often, a repair technician can come to your home or office within a day of making a call. Diagnosing the problem usually only takes a few minutes. In fact, in some cases problems can even be diagnosed over the phone, although this is typically only true for newer appliances that display error codes. After figuring out the problem, the technician can give you a quote to repair the appliance. If the quote is more than it would cost you to repair the appliance, all you have to pay for is the service visit. In some cases, the technician can even do the repair onsite if it does not require new parts.

Even if a technician has to order parts, it typically only takes a few days to get them in. When compared to the weeks it can take to order an appliance and have it delivered, this means that you will be able to go back to life as usual a lot faster. You’ll probably save the cost of the repair by not having to use the laundromat or go out to eat while your broken oven just takes up space.

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